Saturday, August 10, 2013

Do’s & Don’ts While Preparing Competitive Exams

                                          By – Rohan Khot, JEE AIR- 557 (Yr. 2007)
                                          Alumni IIT-Guwahati, Comp. Sci.

                                          Working @ Google Inc. U.S.A

                                          Ex. ICADian

Today’s world is the world of competitive examinations. For admission into best colleges you have to clear it, for getting in to best job you have clear it, for getting promotion you have to clear it. There is no escape from this.
I will share the basics do's & don’ts that I followed. These helped me a lot in my journey till now.

  • Do Start preparing early: The one who starts first finishes first. Start preparing from the early standards. Try to get into competitive mode & start appearing for as many as competitive examinations you can. By doing this, you can develop a mindset which is required for cracking difficult examinations at the later stage.

  •  Don’t forget to clear the basics: Get the basics right. Strong foundation leads to sure shot success. If you don’t understand the basics of any topic you won’t be able to solve the complex problems. Get the concepts right & move ahead.

  •  Study in group or do not study in group: Group study is not meant for every one. If you have a fidgety mind, then it is not meant for you mate. Please avoid it at any cost. And if you can study as an individual in a group & discuss things only when doubt arises then its best thing for you. Join the group of students who are more intellectual than you. It will keep you on toes to work hard & be competitive every time. Also your doubts will be cleared at the very beginning.  

  •   Do improve your performance every time: Always analyze your score and mistakes after each test. Avoid the mistakes that you did in your previous test. And always work for a better score every time. You should compete with yourself first then the world. Try to surpass your best score every time, it gives immense motivation.

  • Managing multiple things: It’s the most important & most difficult thing. If study is your priority then you have to give secondary importance to all other things like sports & all. But don’t get confused. I am not saying to become a bookworm. Balance the act, take out some time for recreation in sport but don’t over exert yourself in it as it’s not your goal. But if you want to be a sports person the things will be vice versa. Every career needs have different priorities. So prioritize your needs as per your goals.

  •  Learn from other’s mistake: There is a saying “Fool commits mistakes & wise learn from them”. Life is too short to commit mistakes & then learn from them. Learn from other people’s mistakes & avoid doing it which already is proved wrong. Rather commit new mistakes in doing new things.

  •  Never say die: Life is a race but you don’t have to panic. It’s never the end & you can have a fresh start. But see if you have tried your best before the fresh start. If you are committed enough & you want it badly, you will find a way to achieve it. Have this attitude of “Never say die” & it will help you in the long run.

  • Don’t get into any relationship: This is the biggest mistake that every teenager falls into the prey of. I have seen almost 90+% of teenagers of getting into a relation. It’s not the age for all these things & it’s the biggest distraction which takes you away from your goal. Not everyone is focused enough in managing this with studies.  It should be a strong NO-NO for everyone until you are on the right track & have achieved you career goals in you study era.

These were the things that I followed in my journey till here. I Hope the young readers get a clear insight & start focusing on their goals.  
Give Your Best!!!

(This article is compiled from Rohan Khot’s guidance session to  IIT-JEE aspirants at ICAD).