Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Exposure at IIT's- By Pradip Gatkine

(By: Pradip Gatkine, JEE AIR (C)- 128, Ex-ICADian, Second Year Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering, IIT Bombay)

IITs! The lubricant of ‘The Chariot’ of India’s technical development! Meant to produce capable “Charioteers” for this chariot!! IITs (Indian Institute of Technology) are India’s finest technical institutes at the frontiers of international technical advances.

·         Establishments & Alumni:
The IITs established in the initial days of our independence have run a long in creating technical excellence in India. Narayan Murthy(co-founder Infosys), Vinod Khosla(co-founder Sun Microsystems), Dr  Mani Lal Bhaumik(co-inventor of LASIK surgery) are a few of the star achievers who find their roots in IIT!!

·         The Study System:
The study structure of IITs gives profound flexibility to the students to pusue their interests in varied fields. One can learn courses of other departments, work on projects of their own choice, work under faculties undertaking research and so on….

Faculties here are the best diamonds picked up from nation’s intelligentsia to shape our future. Additionally, the “Student’s Science Clubs” are so active in IIT that people get introduced to many a practical things in their very first year  through lots of activities which is a very rare scene elsewhere. Again, eminent guests like Nobel Laureates are regularly invited to interact with students which adds a new dimension to study @ IIT.

·         The Extraaaa Curriculars:
IITs play at front foot here too! Here you learn to enjoy heavens in your 10ft x 10ft room!
A galore of events all through the year and you end up searching out time to study!! Cultural & sports bodies are continuously busy with one activity or the other. The cultural fests @  IITs are one of the largest fests in Asia!! Appearance of international  artists, performers flood the festival with infinite joy!! Whatever be your interest, you name it and its right there! All sorts of spors and arts! Such a diversified culture make IITs unique among all the technical institutes.

IITians have proved themselves on every front. They also have their own linguistics (search IITB lingo on web). Well, remember  ‘Five Point Someone’wala  Chetan Bhagat is also an IITian!!

·         Industry Exposure:
IIT is just more than the best destination for all those who want to be “Technopreneurs” .
The active entrepreneurship cell takes care of that! With the business meets and innovations running at full speed, E-cells provide the right platform for rising entrepreneur in you! With the advent of tie-ups, internships and fundings from various industries and research firms, IITs have successfully incubated many a companies of its students.  The “3 idiots”wala quadrotor is a creation of “Idea Forge”, a company of IITians conceived by IIT Bombay!!

·         R&D @ IITs:
Though we are desperately working on cutting edge technologies, still today we are importing even the small things like mobile chargers! This concern has given rise to R&D Cell in IITs. Faculties and students come together to develop indigenous solutions for which we used to rely on foreign companies. The grandeur of R&D in IITs can be cherished looking at the state of the art research facilities and funding to the  projects. The pinnacle of this can be seen in India’s first “Student Satellite Project- Pratham” undertaken by IIT Bombay. This clearly indicates “Role of R&D in IITs is instrumental in realizing Dream 2020 of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam.”

·         Job Opportunities:
Jobs! Not a problem at all for IITians! Top notch companies like Google, Cisco, ONGC, IBM, Adobe, TCS and the list goes on and on…. They come here to tap the best Indian Brains. Nevertheless, IITians are not only job takers but also job makers!!

·         Future scope of studying in IITs:
IITs are ever evolving technical hubs of India. The Indian counterparts of MIT(Massachusetts Institute of Technology in US ) are shining everywhere in the world!! In all possible fields!!!

Getting into IIT is a tough job but that’s the turning point which lifts from ground to heavens!! So I wish all my fellows “All The Best!” for upcoming JEE!! Hope to see you in IIT!!!
Thank You!!

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